A Sweet Thing

Last night at my connection group's Super Bowl Party, we were treated to a great, new, sweet thing. Monin Syrups. I have seen them in coffee shops to add to coffee and teas and such, but never thought about another great use for them. Which is what our hostess treated us to last night. She had strawberry and raspberry flavors to choose from. You take a little crushed ice, pour in some Sierra Mist or Sprite, add a little pour of the syrup, stir it all up, then top it off with a lime slice. It was tastey! We almost finished off both bottles. On the bottle itself are a few recipes to try, which includes one using club soda (I think I like the Sierra Mist or Sprite better), and even lemonade. For anyone who knows me, I love lemonade. More specificially..... STRAWBERRY lemonade. But, being the picky person that I am, I can't have strawberry lemonade if it has seeds in it. (I don't know what it is, but as much as I love the strawberry flavor, I can't eat them or the seeds. Weird, I know.) So I am excited to make me a little lemonade sometime and adding some of this syrup to it. I can taste it already!

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