Holy Fonts Galore!

For those of you that may not know, I believe that I am a font snop. I LOVE different fonts. More than you can know. I don't really know that last time that I have used Times New Roman for anything. It's too plain for me. Any things I make for work, I usually use some great fonts!

Thanks to Mique at 30 days, I have founds some AMAZING!!! fonts that I will now start using. It seems that she had her handwriting turned in to a font at Fonts for Peas...which are FREE!!! And then they have some scrapbooking fonts too. But more than that, just go check out their website. It is some great stuff!

Here it is: Kevin & Amanda

From there, you can get your FREE fonts from Fonts for Peas, FREE fonts from their Scrapbooks, and great recipes to try! (After looking at the first page of recips....there wasn't a thing on there that I wouldn't want to try!)

(FYI...If anyone out there in blog-land can tell me how to apply some of these fonts to my blog, pelase let me know. I have changed my fonts before, but when I am on a computer that doesn't have the fonts I use, it doesn't look the same. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!)

Thanks Kevin & Amanda for some great stuff!!

1 comment:

PamperingBeki said...

I've no idea how to change blog fonts.

But I wanted to say Hi and thanks for popping by my blog! I hope you love the necklace. :)

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