Until Next Time, Sister!

After a great week and Christmas at the farm, this morning was the dreaded 'goodbye', as my sister and brother-in-law are making their way back to Germany. I decided to spend one more night at the farm, and just head back to work and my town this morning (showing up late for work). The time went much to fast, but it was great. My only regret.....I didn't get any pictures of us together! So Gina....next time I see you, we must take a picture together!! But thanks for working so hard to split your time between the 2 families. I miss you guys already! Hopefully some day soon...or within the next 2 years, I will be able to come and visit you at your new home. So until next time, may God bless you both and continue to surround you with the love of your new friends and their families.
Love you guys!

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Jay & Gina said...

I thought I was done crying!!! I miss you too sis. I may have a picture of us. Mom took it on Christmas morning, but not sure if it was my camera or her's. I will check and send it to you if it's any good. Hope you had fun at work!

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