I Couldn't Wait!

Last night, due to a nice ice/snow storm earlier in the day and the night before, my original plans of watching kids got changed. I instead went and coached my new Upward team....Lady Razarbacks! Following that I helped with the food for the cast and crew of Esmerelda. I was going to go home after that, but I couldn't wait. There were a few extra tickets, and I was able to go and enjoy the first performance!! I have seen the cast in their costumes a few times, so it was so fun to see them finally perform. I don't think I could have waited until Saturday or Sunday to finally see the show. Even though snow & ice aren't always fun, it allowed me to enjoy the show and appreciate all the hard work the cast and crew has put in to this production. I can't wait until Sunday evening when my parents and hopefully brother and his wife will make the short trip to see the show. I really enjoyed it, and I hope they will too! There are a total of 10 performances...and they are all 'sold out'! How exciting!

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