Crazy Busy...But I love it!

One would think that after working all day, one would just want to go home and relax. Why would one want to go and wrangle some kids, or even help with food for a cast of 60-70 people for the Esmeralda production at my church? Because one happens to love serving, and can't seem to get enough of it! If you haven't noticed....that 'one' is me. :)

As always, I am booked for wrangling kids. This week, it has been every night, Monday-Friday (tonight). Next week is looking pretty close to the same. In addition to watchin the kids, I get to help with food for my church's upcoming production of Esmeralda. It all starts tonight, before I have my wrangling gig. And then again tomorrow for dinner and supper (or lunch and dinner if you are of that sort). Then it switches between kids and food every day until next Sunday at about 2pm. It will be busy, but I'm going to enjoy it.

In the mix of everything, I'm going to have to make time to work on my Christmas gifts! (I'm making homemade gifts again this year.) So family.....hopefully you will like them!

Final note: If you are in the Ames, IA area during December 9-14, you will definitely want to get a ticket to see this production!


Hollie said...

We so appreciate your kid wranglin(and serving the church of course):)

The Houstons said...

aw, thanks so much! You were so sweet to comment on our lil blog:)

Liz said...

How fun, good luck!

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