Check-out Craze

During my lunch break today, I decided to run to Walmart. I needed to get some more Sweet Stripes for my school visit tomorrow, and I also picked up the new Faith Hill cd (Joy to the World). I must say that the last song (#11) is on the top of my favorite list.
Anyway, back to the story. I ended up getting only 4 things. I didn't watch what bags the lady put my stuff in, because she was trying to deactivate the alarm on the cd and charged the cd a couple more times. So once that was all done and my 4 things were in the bag, she put one bag on top of the bag roundabout. Since she did that, I was thinking there was only 1 bag. So after I got my receipt, I took that one bag that was on the top and then walked off. It wasn't until after I stopped to get lunch, when I wanted to play the new cd, did I realize I was missing a bag! So, I had to turn around and go back to Walmart to find my missing bag. I was able to retrieve it (it was sitting on the floor at checkout lane 5), but not without having to waste gas and use a little more lunch time than I should.

But, now I am enjoying Faith singing to me at work. And I know the students will enjoy the Sweet Stripes tomorrow. If they don't like them, I guess I will, and I'm sure Gina will too. I 'made' this for Gina last year. I don't know if it is in Germany or not. Not sure why I didn't do one for myself as well. I really like the red lid....which is hard to find!
Moral of this story...no matter how little you buy from a store, make sure that all items are accounted for before you leave. Usually I give the bag roundabout a twirl before I leave, just to make sure I have everything. But I also usually have more than 4 items. I don't think this will happen to me again. At least nothing was lost this time. And I'm glad I wasn't head home instead of work. That's a lot further away!


Jay & Gina said...

Don't worry... it definitely made it to Germany. I have it sitting out on my shelf by the phone. So, yes, I can help you eat them if needed!
Make sure you share your cd with me when I get home. I want to put it on my ipod.

VintageChicChick said...

I LOVE the Sweet Stripes jar!!! So clever and cute! Your apartment looks adorable all decorated for Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I actually did hang that ribbon in my doorways to hang the Christmas cards we receive on... great minds think alike!

Liz said...

Good advice, and that jar is adorable!

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