Christmas in the Apt

Finally, here are the pictures of what Christmas looks like in my apartment. So far I have seen it only in the morning before it's light or late at night. I'm glad I had Sunday to get it all decorated.

I even did a little altering to my 'Christmas' sign. With my wall color, the sign just blends in. So I painted the border of it red, then crackled black over it. It looks nice. (You can't see the red in the picture though.) I'm happy with how it turned out. Usually I don't want to mess up something that I love. But, I had to do it with the sign.
And a special THANKS to a give away at Creating Cupcakes, I received a free reusable mistletoe Vinyl Wall Art. It's fun! And it's something I will get to reuse year after year.
Even though I will be back at the farm for Christmas (and getting to see my sister and brother-in-low who are stationed in Germany), I couldn't enjoy the Christmas season without decorating for it. I told myself that I was going to decorate with what I had...but I made one exception. I have seen some pictures where people put some ornament bulbs in a big glass hurricane type device. The ones I saw were way to expensive. So I bought my bulbs on sale at KMart, and got a $10 cookie jar from Target. I just left the lid off. I really like it. Because the cookie jar has a little shape and character to it, I think I like it better than the $30 ones I saw. Enjoy my recent holiday addition! (And I'll see what I can do with the cookie jar after Christmas.)


Backyard Candle Co. said...

Your home looks so cute! I just love Christmas decorating, well who am I kidding, I just love decorating. I hope you got my email about the uptown girls, just let me know if you have any more questions!

Liz said...

Everything looks lovely! I like that Christmas sign.

Mandy said...

WAY TOO CUTE! I love it!

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