Century Farm

Nechanicky Farms (1902) was recognized today at the Iowa State Fair as being a 'Century Farm'. [Century Farm: families that have owned the same farm for 100 years or more.] Mom, Dad, Adam & Lindsey, Uncle David & Aunt Nancy and Sue, and myself were all able to go on stage and be recognized. We were given a certificate as well as a sign to someday post on our farm. Even in the midst of the number of family farms growing smaller and corporate (or large) farms growing larger, it was great to see the number of families that were recognized today. Our next goal....Heritage Farm! [Heritage Farm: families have owned the same farm for 150 years or more.] I have been blessed to grow up on and help farm a Century Farm. I look forward to many more years of helping dad with harvest. Who knew I would enjoy driving a combine for hours on end!

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Mandy said...

FUN! Thanks for adding yourself to my favorites list!

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