U Gotta Love It!

Well, it is Iowa State Fair time! U Gotta Love It!
Last Tuesday and Wednesday I spent all day on the fair grounds, helping set up 'Home Improvement' projects for 4-H. (I will get some before/after pictures up later.)
Then on Thursday, August 7 (first day of the fair), my friend/co-worker Jessica and I went to the fair. This was unlike any normal opening day of the fair. A local radio station decided to have a promotion and challenge. Free admission for anyone that enters the the admission gates by 8:30am; setting the world record for the most people eating a corn dog at one time. Jessica and I hoped to participate in both of these things....however, we didn't even come close. We got to Des Moines by 7:30, but ended up sitting in a line of cars for 2 hours waiting to get to the parking lot! 2 HOURS!! We couldn't believe it. Needless to say, our day did not start out very fun. But, it ended great. We got to see Lady Antebellum on the free stage! They are a great group! Since we weren't able to get in the fair free, I guess a free Lady A concert will do.
Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12, our family farm will finally be receiving the Century Farm award. So that means another day at the fair for me. Yeah! Maybe I'll have a corndog this time. I will eventually get some pictures of the fair last week and this week posted later this week.

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