Howdy Kitchen….Baby Showers

The first weekend in April,

I was hired to make a rainbow cake for a baby shower.
Because I was going to use a frosting technique that hadn’t used before,
I did a practice cake the weekend before, which happened to be Easter,
as well as my dad’s birthday.

Perfect timing!

The cake was 6 layers tall, in ROY G BV order. {No ‘I’.}


This frosting technique took awhile, but I think it’s fabulous! 


If you search around online or even Pinterest,
you will see lots of different styles and ideas for this technique.

Finally, the inside of the cake…..


It was a Noah’s Ark themed shower, so of course the cake as rainbow,
and the frosting blue to resemble water.

But this frosting isn’t just colored blue.

It is actually blue raspberry flavored.
And is currently my favorite frosting!

Last weekend, I was hired to make cupcakes for another baby shower.
I went with the following flavors:
Wedding Cake with Blue Raspberry Frosting
Chocolate with a frosting I made up
Strawberry lemonade with a whipped cream frosting


I’m a fan of cupcake tablescapes!

So much better than picking them up out of a pan!

{Note….I did not do ANY of the displaying of the cupcakes or the work to set it up.
I just made the cupcakes, and shared some of the items
around my home to help pull it together.}


After making all of these….I must admit that my current favorite cupcake is:

Wedding Cake with Blue Raspberry Frosting.

Up next for the Howdy Kitchen…..

Making a couple hundred {likely more} mini cupcakes for a graduation party.

What flavor of cupcake would you want to enjoy a graduation party?


jill said...

i'll be your taste tester for those grad cupcakes


graduation.... hmmm lemon w/whipped cream frosting? strawberry w/strawberry frosting?
fresh & Fruity for spring

Positively Angel said...

I love your cake, it looks so good. I've been wanting to try this technique for a while too. I bet there wasn't much left:)

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