Shower Gift Idea

Yup.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted.
Life happens.  So I’m enjoying it.

Let’s back track to the beginning of March.
My ‘little’ sister, a friend, and I hosted an

‘I Do’ Barbeque

for some friends.


I made the invites for the gathering…


and mailed them out as well.
That required me to print off address labels for the envelopes.

Then I got to thinking…
I should just print out a double set of labels,
and make the thank you cards that keep with the theme.

So I did.


I went with a simple look.


But I knew I had to use the ‘I Do’ saying again. 

I think it works.


The kraft cards and envelopes, ‘burlap’ ribbon, and paisley ribbon
were all found at Hobby Lobby. 
Of course I got it all on sale or used a coupon, if it wasn’t below $2.

So next time you host a wedding or baby or whatever shower,
think about printing off a double set of address labels.

Even if you don’t make the thank you cards to go with the addresses,
it is one less things for the couple, new parents, whoever to worry
about addressing the thank you’s.

And because this is the ONLY picture I took the night of the gathering,
I might as well share.

redneck wedding

Keeping with the barbecue theme, the napkins were hankies.
Plastic silverware and thick paper plates = easy clean up!
Of course, Ball, Mason, or handled jars to drink out of.

The fun part, Gina had recently purchased the
RedNek Wine Glasses, so we used those for the
Bride & Groom.
White hankie and ribbon for bride.
Black hankie and ribbon for groom.


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