True Chaos

Time to be real here……

Here’s my crap craft room.


All because a couple friends talked me in to switch-a-room too many months ago.

Read about that here:
Switch-A-Room Update 1

Because it feels like I’m never home,
it hasn’t been a priority in my life to get this done.

But, my nomadic sister and her husband will be visiting
and spending the night on Friday and Saturday…

That means I need to get this done…as much as possible.

I usually work well with deadlines.
So I’m hoping it will work out well!

Feel free to leave any tips and suggestions!
Or, if you are local, feel free to come over and help.
I’ll make cupcakes!  :)

At this point in time, I don’t really want to buy anything to make it happen.
I need to work with what I have.
Or donations or free finds.

Or better yet…if you are need of crafting supplies,
come on over and take stuff!
There are a few things I can’t part with.
Other than that, I’d be happy to share.

And as I quote my brother from the comment he left me on this photo on Facebook….
”Talk about (farmgirl) chaos.....”



Jessica said...

Is the walk-in closet off that room filled with your clothes - or is it also empty? Because if it is...I think you should starting moving that stuff in there. Just transfer the mess for another time. :)

That's the Jessica way.

Jodee said...

So many cute things in there. I can't wait to see it all organized!

Farmgirl Paints said...

my room looks like a mess 90% of the time too. that's a good sign that you've been creative...i think;) you won a spot in jeanne's class. congrats!

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