Windmill {Display} Blades

Christmas Decor continued.....

In addition to my ladder mantle,
my other favorite piece happens to be my
windmill blades!

I decided to do a little something different with them this Christmas season.

They are now displaying my Christmas photo cards!

I used some mini clothes pins that I picked up from Wally World,
in the office section.
{I think I might need to pick up a couple more boxes.
It seems I use these a lot!}

Since I'm missing some of my decor,
I'm looking for some new ideas.

I do have some bakers twine, 
that might be making an appearance if need be.

How do you display your Christmas cards?
Ideas are welcome!


The Rustic Chick said...

I love this idea! I always keep my eye out for some windmill blades to display...but haven't found any yet! It just looks so cute!


awesome!! I am struggling w/tape that doesn't want to hold cards up this year so thinking some baker's twine & mini clips are in my near future :)

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