Decking My Halls


I do {still} exist!
I guess life just took over for awhile.
And I'm okay with that.

But, I have a moment,
{and maybe I was harassed about not blogging....Jessica!},
so here we go!

After Thanksgiving 'break', I decided to start decorating my place.
As I was decorating, I quickly realized I was missing
one, if not two, tubs of Christmas decor!

That set me back a bit.  Jeesh!

But lucky for me, 
I feel that I was still able to decorate well with what I did have on hand,
in addition to some 'new' purchases.
{By 'new', I mean junk finds.}

This wreath was new new...
and I LOVE IT!!

On my sofa table, I had a tin container that was full of 'N's, 
so I dumped them out and added a bunch of
found ornaments.

The jumbo clothes pin is something I crafted last year,
and just change out the month flash card every month.
Well, for the most part.
I might have missed October and November.  :)

Next to it sits this...
The blue Ball jar has a chalkboard label on it.
I bought it with the bulbs inside for a great price,
from Rescued Junk a couple years ago.

My ladder mantle.
I kind of love it!
After I took this picture, there have been a few changes to it.
I can't get a new picture now,
because the top lights of the big tree blinked off a few days ago.
Any ideas on how to fix it?

I know I'm a little behind on the bottle brush trees scene,
but now I have 3 of them,
in different sizes.  :)

I like this little guy, hanging out with my little boot.
{They are on the far left side of my ladder mantle.}

This little truck was another junk find.
I believe I first saw the idea of using an
old toy truck for decorating
from Farmgirl Paints.

I'm still on the hunt for a different truck though.
I'd prefer Chevy or Ford, or even an IH.

This truck, I have never heard of the name.  
But at least it looks cute!

To wrap this up,
my obsession with 'fun' socks.
During the month of December,
I have enough Christmas/winter socks
to wear a different pair each day of the month....
and not repeat them!

Hopefully I'll be back in a few days
to share some more pictures from around my living room.

Have you ever lost/misplaced/forgotten
any of your decorations?


traci said...

everything looks great nicole. i am really loving that ladder display!!!

Jessica said...

...and I will harass you again! I love your posts and witnessing (and being inspired by) your creativity from afar - so, just know this harassment will not stop. :)

Wonderful job, as always, Coleigh!


So fun!! LOVE LOVE LOVE The ladder mantle!!

btw, I think the next time I am taking a shopping spree, I will just come visit you :) I used the big bowl to transport crafties from my craft room to the living room Saturday, the other 2 are patiently waiting their turn for usefulness.. never fear, it will happen!! :)

My Vintage Life said...

Your decorating style is so charming! The ladder is a wondeful idea!

Janice@GypsyFarmGirl said...

I love ALL your decorations! I wish I had room for a ladder to hang on the wall and I need to find an old truck for ornaments. I'm glad you love your new wreath!

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