Monday Blues Turn Orange

After an enjoyable weekend, my Monday turned into the Monday Blues.

For work, I was impatiently waiting for our new bags to come in.
Then they finally made it around mid-morning.
I ripped open the box to find this....

the Orange bag on the right.

Can you read what it says?
Well, you are suppose to be able to...without having squint or enlarge the picture.

 The bag on the left is a similar logo, just MUCH bigger!

I then grabbed the new waterbottle, and noticed....the design is the same size on both items!

 After a few frantic emails with pictures and even more phone calls later,
we might have a solution figured out.
With all that going on, I started craving some 'fresh' food.
So I headed to the Memorial Union food court on campus and loaded up on the good stuff.

{Orange carrots, Purple grapes, Green lettuce}

And I might have stopped by the convenience store as well and picked up a couple of 'go to' stress foods.

I offerend my vendor contact some Milk Duds...via email.
 But she replied back that she moved on to Doritos.
So I sent her the above picture.
 Then she was jealous of the Cool Ranch.
All they had in the office were Nacho Cheese.

So it seems that Doritos {of any flavor} are a great stress food!


After that fiasco, my night get better.

I headed to my favorite Mexican restaurant with a fabulous family.

It was a little gathering to wish them well on their new adventure.

But while there, I got to hold, play with, and rock to sleep the sweetest 5 month old boy!

To top the night off, 2 of my favorite couples and I headed to
Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt.

This was my first time going to one of these places.
It was alright. 

I think I'll stick to Marble Slab.
I love the hard serve ice cream. 


So, yesterday was my Monday.
Today is my Friday.

Tomorrow is a double red headed kid wrangling day.

On the list of adventures: 
Reiman Gardens in the morning with both boys.
Taking photos of a friend's farm in the afternoon,
with one excited boy joining me.

Thursday - Saturday.....

Which also means time at the farm!



Nicole said...

Cool Ranch Dorito's are way better! :) And I've never heard of either of those ice cream places.

Jodee said...

So glad your day got better!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your blog via Instagram! Love it! Check out my blog over at www.jessicamiddour.com please? Can't wait to read more!!!

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