An Instagram Life: Catching Up!

Seriously, I think I would be lost on my days and what I do without Instagram. 
Who knew technology would do that to me!

The past couple/three weeks have been LONG!!!


June 5:

I walked 3 miles to vote.  I was voter #27 at my poling place...and it was after 7p.

June 6:

Kid wrangling gig #1. 
Visited Reiman Gardens and a friend's farm.

 Kid wrangling gig #2. 
2 of my 3 country kids.

June 7:

 Helped set up for the Little Prairie Girl Barn Sale.

June 8:

Day 1 of the Sale.

Returning to the farm I saw lots of smoke over the windbreak as I was traveling down the highway.

I was wondering what was going on!

I arrived to this...my dad and brother
burning the scrap wood from an old hog building.

I eventually hopped on the Ranger and checked on
the cows and their calves.


While hanging out with the cows/calves,
I saw an important white van drive by.

So I ran back to the house to pick up 3 of the 4 kiddos!

They where EXCITED to go on a Ranger ride.

June 9:

Day 2 of the Barn Sale...and I didn't take a picture with my phone!

After the sale, I headed back to home where I kid wrangled the country kids again.

But stopped to take this picture on the highway en route to their place.

While helping them with chores, I decided to climb a tree.  It was a great climbing tree as well!

June 10:

I had a Sunday night hair cut!

Can you believe that I had my hair cut just over 3 months ago? 

Needless to say, I have lots of hair...and it seems to grow fast!

June 11:

Students are on campus from June 10-15.
This day we toured the ISU Dairy Farm.

The calves where a hit!

June 14:

Cupcakes that were a special order.

June 15:

It rained!

And major baking fail later that night.

I was trying to finish up the cupcake order...
but go caught up with watching the guy walk the wire across Niagara falls!

June 16:

Ended a couple of crazy weeks with an evening under this big tree.

It was in the plans to play some badminton...
but it rained again!  :)


Nicole said...

Do you bake cupcakes as a side business or something?

Love the photo of you in the tree :) How I missed that one I dunno :)

traci said...

i love instagram. i am posting in clumps now. can't get them to upload with my weak phone service at the cabin. i have to go to mcdonalds and do it. or the local bar. some day i will hit one of those little prairie girl sales.

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