Yesterday, my friend Joy came over to help
redecorate my living room wall and as well as my bedroom.

The living room wall looks fantastic!  I love it!

Ladder:  Rescued Junk
'COUNTRY' & big cream frame:  The Prairie Chick
'6' Grater Wall Hanging:  Junk Refunkery
Swag with bells:  Julieann's 

But, at some point, I was talked in to swapping my craft room with my bedroom.

The reason....
My bedroom is huge!
Craft room is smaller.

Since I have more craft junk and stuff than bedroom stuff,
it seemed like a great idea.

However, have you ever tried swapping 2 rooms,
when you don't have much room to put stuff inbetween the move?

HOLY COW!  It's tough!

But it's a good thing my basement neighbor joined in on the fun,
took a self portrait with my iPhone,
and helped out with everything.

Before things could get moved, the 'stuff' started getting pulled out of the craft room
for me to sort through, throw, give away, and pile up to sell.


The job isn't complete yet, but it's closer!

Once it's all said and done, I will share.

But in the mean time, do you need anything from the pile of 'stuff'?

Thanks Joy & Amy for your amazing help!
This would not have happened without them.

Well, I'm not sure yet if I should thank them or blame them for all this.



Jessica said...

Maybe if you inventoried the pile o' stuff, we could claim what we want. :)

Will you leave your clothes in the "bedroom" closet, though?

Jay and Gina said...

Maybe you should really just save it all for me when I come back! We'll need lots of stuff for our new home!

traci said...

i love rearranging. it would be hard to swap rooms with no holding ground. i can't wait to see how it looks. that's a lot of extra stuff.

Nicole said...

Oh goodness girlie, you're getting rid of all that stuff??!!

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