Memorial Day: Thank You!

Thank You! 

I am thankful for the brave and dedicated men and women
who have served or are currently serving our country so we can be free.

 But we all know freedom is not free.

Even though there are many in this country who believe otherwise,
these men and women are fighting for what they believe and are called to do,
and I am forever grateful and thankful for them.

As we gaze across the rows of crosses,
We think of the young lives and all of their losses.
To never see the sun rise once more,
Their hearts are like a closed door.
The flags were raised.
And the bugles played.
The ever stillness,
Of the families that are motionless.
The gratitude of a nation.
Gives such a sensation,
Everyone with nothing to say,
On Memorial Day

This poem was written by Jack Kaiser, 12.
He's in the seventh grade at the Haddam-Killingworth Middle School in Killingworth, CT.


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And beautiful photos!

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