Switch-A-Room Update 1

Because this process is going to take forever....I'll just give you updates as I make progress.

Tuesday night I tackled moving more of my craft stuff out of the nook in my new bedroom,
so I could move my dresser and jewelry over.

This is what you see when you walk in my room.

Yes, my head is right in front of the window.
That is just the best spot the bed could fit, given the smaller space.

However, I already told dad {via mom} that I now definitely need a headboard.

I'll be gathering measurements tonight,
and maybe a headboard will magically appear!  :)

However, I do have to get a ceiling fan in the room.
When you live on the 3rd floor of an aparment building, ceiling fans are needed....
if you don't want to run your air conditioning all the time in the summer.

I did get all my jewelry moved over.

I got the necklaces hung up...

 But am struggling with what to do for my bracelets.

On the bottle, which is bigger than it seems,
I currently have about 10 bracelets on it.

It works, just not how I want.

But, over at Rustic Living,
I came across a cute idea of Knobs & Necklaces
that I can make work for hanging my bracelets.

I just need to hit up Hobby Lobby,
pick up a few cute knobs,
and get to making myself a holder.

Or, if you have any other ideas, please share!



Ten Cow said...

I love your jewlery ideas. The star in your bedroom is cute!

traci said...

very cute so far. i like the hooks that you necklaces are on. you could definitely hang the bracelets on the knobs of the other holder. then you see what you have and you where them more often.


Moving right along!!! looks great! lots of options.. I am picturing a barnboard (only w/the boards running vertical) headboard for ya! kinda picket fence style... can't wait to see what appears! ;)

Jay and Gina said...

No complaining about living on the third floor! Reason one... we're on the third floor too! Reason two...at least you can put in a ceiling fan. Reason three... you have air conditioning!!!!!!!! We're sweating over here in an 85 degree house!!

Farmgirl Chaos said...

Oops. Sorry sister. But remember....
Reason one...you are in Germany
Reason two...you have traveled to/visited more countries that states
Reason three...you are in Europe
Reason four...you are in a foreign country


Mom said...

I like Kim's idea of barn board running vertical for a head board. I know where you can get LOTS of barn boards! (Except they are/were red!)

Measure,measure and measure again.

Jodee said...

I can't wait to see your new headboard! Love the jewelry organizer too! Please come and help me get organized!

Nicole said...

Sleeping with your head against a window isn't so bad! Heck you even have a curtain! at my parents house my bed was against a window from the time I was like 14 until I moved out and they re-arranged the room.

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