Saturday Junkin'!

Saturday morning, I was out the door before 8am.

{So much for sleeping in!}

On the agenda for the day...junking!

But more specifically, junking at Rescued Junk by Old Crows Farms.

Just after 9a, my friend Joy and I arrived to the lovely storestep of
Rescued Junk, in 'downtown' Earlham, IA.
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And this is what welcomed us in to the store!

What's not to like, right?

I think Joy and I each made at least 2-3 rounds in the store.  :)

A little after 9:30a, we walked out of there with a few things in hand.
{I will share them another day.}

However, I was suppose to meet my friend/old coworker in Earlham at 10a since she was back in Iowa!

After a quick call to let her know we were done shopping already,
we made plans for Monday at the office.

Well, since Joy didn't need to be home until around noon,
we decided to head to West End Salvage.

We have heard lots about this place, but have never been there.

So after attempting to ask Siri {my iPhone} how to get there, 
I just ended up using my map app to find it.
And find it we did!

My response to walking in to this place....

"Holy buckets!  This place is ridiculous!"

I'm talking 4 floors {I think} of STUFF!

You could definitely decorate, finish, redo an entire house with things found here.

Just too bad there is such a hefty price tag!

I'm not ashamed to say.....I walked out of there without buy a darn thing!
That's not to say I didn't see things I liked.
I just couldn't fatham spending the amount of money
they were asking on some of the things.

After West End Salvage, we decied to make one more stop.
I heard about a sale deal from Little Prairie Girl.

{Facebook}       {Website}

I'll share more about Little Prairie Girl soon as well!  :)

Anyway, she told me about sale with Urban Finds where a friend of hers had a booth.

When we walked in the building, Joy and I both sighed with relief, 
as the prices were MUCH more to our liking.  :)

Of course, I found some fun things here as well.

Ridiculous steals if you ask me!

I can't wait to show you what I got.  
But I need to get one piece in particular where it belongs.  :)

If you are in central Iowa, or up for a little road trip, check out all the stores listed.

In addition, keep March 23-24 free on your calendars!

Little Prairie Girl is having a sale at her farm.  
And I get to help at it!  :)

You can find out more about the sale on her facebook page

Or, just ask me.  And I'll get answers for you.

Do you have any fun junk finds to share?



Lori said...

Here's the website for West End Architectural Salvage, http://www.westendsalvage.com/

traci said...

those are some awesome places. i may have to road trip. i go to the what cheer flea market every year. i just looked to see how far that was. hmmmmm.

Farmgirl Chaos said...

Thanks Lori. I found the website last night...but it didn't work, so I didn't post it. It worked this morning, so I have now posted it. Maybe it was just my computer. :)

Nicole said...

Look at all those lights in that second photo. Wow!

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