At the Farm! Friday

A couple weekends ago, I had a quick trip back to the farm for about 36 hours.

All the nephews and the niece where there.  :)

One of the highlights....

watching Carson 'hay the cows'.

Yup.  He's just over 2 years old...and he LOVES! getting to hay the cows.
Just ask him about it some day.  :)

But...he'll be driving the tractor soon!

It wasn't too muddy out in the lot this day.
But thinking we were going to work cattle earlier in the day,
I got myself my own pair of muck boots.

Nothing fancy though.  But I have ideas for them!

 The silly kid wanted out of the tractor to go see a cow. 
But, he didn't get to touch her.  She took off for the food!

 And I don't know if Carson ever stopped talking.
He's sure talking in this picture!
But, since he's in charge, he must tell you want to do!

Yup.  I like 'haying cows' now too.
Just as long as the little farm boy is in charge.  :)


Donna said...

Probably one of my fondest memories was getting to feed our dairy cattle...I felt so important! :)

Chell said...

Now that I am a "city" girl... I really don't miss feeding the cattle before work everyday. OK, so sometimes I do.... LOL

Nicole said...

I sure love riding on tractors, but I wonder what it is for little kids to love it so!

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