Iowa Boys!

This past weekend, my family {except for Gina & Jay} found ourselves across the
Mississippi River at my sister's place in Illinois.

The reason...a surprise 40th birthday party for my brother-in-law.

Success.  :)

Of course, I took a few pictures of the kiddos.

Today, you get to see the Iowa boys.
Next week will be the Illinois kids.




Check out the boys' rides!

Carson has a love/hate relationship with cats.
He will find them, hug them, carry them around for a while...
then throw them down or even kick them.
{Maybe I laugh...but I then try to correct him on how to treat cats.}

Mitchell wasn't liking the grass very much...
just a little bit dry.

Carson must have been thinking...

"Mitchell, I love you so much!  I must pinch your cheek!"

 "What's he doing on my back?"

"Oh well, I'll smile anyway."

Yup.  This last picture might be my favorite of the boys to date.
I know Mitchell is kind of hidden, but I still like it.

Next week, the Illinois kids!

I hope to post about the Little Prairie Girl Barn Sale on Friday!
{That is...if I can get some pictures taken Thursday.}

1 comment:

Nicole said...

awe, how cute are they! Yeah that last photo is pretty darn cute, but the one before it where he's looking back is really cute too!

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