Favorite Finds: Windmill Blades!

Thanks to some random inspiration, I had a grand idea that I needed some windmill blades on my living room wall! 

After waiting a few months and searching Facebook pages and blogs,
I finally saw what I HAD to have.  And I got it!  :)

Thanks to The Rusty Pumpkin, I got my windmill blades!

The perfect addition for this farmgirl's living room!

At one point in time, I thought I wanted to have a
section of a bigger windmill,

but nope....I love this one!

I mean, look at how rustic this thing is?!

Do you see the center of the blades?
I'm pretty sure there is dried grease in there.

I tried to clean it, but was of no use.

 This was definitely one of those finds that I am ecstatic about!

Wouldn't you be?

Talking about my favorite find....
have you heard of My Favorite Find?

It just launched Monday, by Serena Thompson {The Farm Chicks}.
If you have a minute or a dozen, head over to check it out.

People share their favorite finds, you can find some great shoppes,
or even some awesome events!

If you want, you can see my find here.

Let me know if you add anything to the fun!


Haddock said...

Is this from an actual windmill? I mean its too small in diameter.

Farmgirl Chaos said...

Yes, yes it is. Windmills do come in different sizes. :)

Natalie at Little Prairie Girl said...

several windmills at our barn sale this weekend and a fabulous tale of a windmill that measures around 93" long and 30" wide roughly...omg...beautiful!

I love how yours looks on your wall....how fun!

Teresa said...

That is adorable!

Nicole said...

I noticed that in one of your other recent posts. Love it!

traci said...

no wonder you liked my little one. you have plenty of room on that wall for a few more. that looks awesome!!

Amber said...

I just love that couch!!! Where did you get it?

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