At the Farm! Friday: More Farm Kids

I must confess...

I don't share enough pictures of my older sister's kiddos.
It makes it hard when I don't see them nearly as often.

Since my mom watches my brother's 2 boys,
I always see them whenever I visit the farm.

1 week from now, I will be hanging out with these kiddos across the big muddy river!


It's going to be a crazy loud fun time!  :)
But I'm excited to see them!
And I hope to take lots of pictures!!

Even though they don't live on a farm now, I still consider them farm kids.

They visit the farm often enough.
Their dad and mom both grew up on farms.
Plus, both dad and mom work for John Deere.
So that makes them farm kids in my eyes. 



traci said...

they are farm kids. it's in their blood. i bet they can't wait for you to come visit. they are cuties. i see a little resemblance in your niece.

Riccidemus said...

Those are great photos, love the fields in the background!

Jodee said...

Cute kiddos!

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