Project 365 {or 366}

The past few years, I have seen people share pictures for every day of the year.
Wow.  What a great effort that takes!  

{Last night at the farm and seeing the tree lit}

Taking the picture.
Uploading it to your computer.
Then finally posting it!

I have always thought it would be fun to do, but have yet to do it.


{Cow shaped sprinkles from Stringtown Grocery in Kalona, IA}

Until NOW!

With my new fun toy {called an iPhone}, I am now trying hard to achieve this.

I am currently using Instagram to share the pictures {for now}.

It's a free iPhone/iPad app. 
Go get it NOW! if you have one of these devises and don't have the app yet!


{Caucus time!}

 So far, it has been rather easy to take 1 picture a day using my iPhone.
I sure hope it stays that way!


{An enjoyable series of books.  Over 40 books....and I have read almost all of them.} 

I have also come across a couple other apps....
{both are free!}

My365.  {And yes, it looks like it's in Chinese!}

Even if you don't have an iPhone, most phones these days have cameras.
So you can still take 1 picture a day as well!

Join in the fun! 


Chell said...

One each day? ... I am more like a once a week girl. LOL

Lori said...

Of course, didn't realize 'there's an app for that'. Sure would make it easier to do it on my phone. I didn't upload them every day, but at least took one every day. :) Might try the cell phone avenue when I get in a pinch. It is so fun to look back at the year and remember all of the things you did.

Nicole said...

I have a shuttercal page for that. Sometimes I falter though :)


Rural Revival said...

I started this year with Project 365 and then found My365 two day ago, so I'm trying both!

Love your pics!


What's your Instagram handle?

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