Back to Reality

Since December 17, I have worked only 2 days!  :)
The rest have been vacation days, university holidays, and a comp day....
all spent at the farm!

Gina and Jay {who live in Germany} were able to return for Christmas this year!
Because of this, I wanted to be sure that I was with them as much as possible.

I haven't seen them since last November.
Plus, they got to meet a couple of their newer nephews as well.

During my time at the farm, I did some crafting {including some that were Christmas gifts!}, played with kids, helped clean out a corn bin, played with kids some more, watched lots of Hallmark movies {I don't have cable...but the farm does!}, took a few shopping trips with various family members, and played with some kids.

As you can tell, I played with my niece and nephews a lot.
Things definitely got crazy and loud at the farm when they were all there. 
But it was fun!

This being my 7th Christmas in my position,
I don't recall ever taking so many days off over Christmas.
I kind of liked it.  It was definintely crazy fun!  :)

But...today it was back to reality and  I was back to the office.
I don't start traveling to my schools until next week,
which is also when classes start up again.
It is nice that campus is still quite for the next couple of days. 
It definitely helps to get back in to the working mode.

I finished off my evening with caucusing for my first time!
I live in a small town, and there were 4 different caucus locations.  
The numbers for my location were definitely under 100.
But I'm glad I went. 
It was a great learning opportunity to better understand
the process of selecting the next President of the United States.

Do you caucus?


Teresa said...

So nice that you got to spend so much time in with your family over the holidays. I must say I sympathize with your one lone niece among all those boys! They are adorable.

traci said...

how nice to have that much time with your family. i am sure your nieces and nephews love you. and thumbs up for doing your civic duty.

Nicole said...

That's awesome you have so many niece's and nephew's :). Until I married hubby I didn't and never would have any :)

And how did you make your new header?

Chell said...

How Fun! Love the pic of all teh kiddos! I had a hard time coming back to the office this weeks. BOO for work.

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