Burlap Board

Lately, when I have posted, I feel as I could be playing.....
Where's Nicole?

Yesterday afternoon I arrived to my destination in Missouri.
I have the privilege of watching my cousin's 4 kiddos for the week.  

Day one has already been an adventure, bloody nose and all.  :)

Awhile back, I signed up for a Christmas Gift Exchange over at Craftaholics Anonymous.

First off, I struggled with figuring out what to make.
Then I struggled with finding time to make it.
Now, I'm struggling with getting to either a post office or a UPS store.

I'm hoping I can find the post office in town and finally get it sent!

What I finally end up making...I don't want to give up! 
{Luckily, I bought enough supplies for 2.  So I'll get to make myself one.}

Of course, I found the idea at Pinterest.  But here's the direct link.

I did use a canvas board for the base of it all.
I also found cork board that fit the exact size of the canvas board.
It was rather nice that I didn't have to cut any cork.  :)
I then used spray adhesive to attach the cork, following the directions on the can.

After I let the piece completely dry, I wrapped it in a piece of burlap, using a staple gun.

{Luckily, I have a nice neighbor/friend who lent me a staple gun.
I think I need to get one for myself!
There are so many times I could use one.}

I cut the burlap down to a size that would wrap around nicely.
That was the messiest part.  But I got it done!

I then added the upholstery tacks around the edge.
But at this point, I knew I needed to add something more, to make it more 'from me'.


 That's when I pulled out some eyelet lace, as well as mini clothes pins.
{Which I stapled to the canvas board as well.}
I added scrapbook paper to the clothes pins, both front and back.

Yes, there are lots of clothes pins.
More options that way!  
{Not to all be used at once.}

Because I was short on time, I just took all these pictures with my iPhone.  
It's my newest toy...and I'm sure having fun with it! 

The final product.....



Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

Visiting from the Gift Exchange linky party... this board is fantastic! :) I'm sure your partner will love it! Happy Holidays!

Nicole said...


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