Turkey Break Recap....

...in Instagram form.


Thursday Daily paper....Black Friday ads on the left, news/info on the right!
Maybe my sister-in-law and I ran to Kohl's and Younkers........for the midnight sales. 
Crazy?  Yes.
We were in and out within 2.5 hours,
which includes about 25 minutes drive time there and back.

The sweetest, new nephew.

He even dressed for me on Turkey Day.   {Bib and onesie were gifts from me.}

Of course we had to play outside the next day.
Lots of time playing with the cats and Kasey, the new dog.
{I couldn't get a good picture of her...she kept trying to get my phone!}
As well as lots of kiddos!
{The niece and all the nephews were at the farm most of the weekend,
my mom watches a boy on Friday,
in addition to 4 kids I wrangled Saturday and Sunday.}

At some point this fall, my brother got himself {the farm} a 'new' Ranger.
Let's just say, I had fun with it.

Taking these boys on a tour of the farm, as well as checking cattle.

Uncle Adam, Dad, or Adam {depending on which kid you are referring to}
in the field with the 'new' strip-till bar

A kid is never to young to learn how to farm!

 These kids were a great help in picking up the fall/harvest display
of pumpkins and hay bales for Grandma.
We even got a treat when we were done!

{How many kids can fit on a Ranger?}

The Saturday boys.  Another tour of the farm.

 But more fun, watching Uncle Adam work in the field with his 'new' strip-till bar.
{And it was a windy and chilly day at the farm!}

Time to warm up a bit while cruising in the Jeep, in the comfort of the shop.

And not that I'm excluding these girls....they were just being girls!
Hiding out in my sister's {former} room, finding fun hair things, make up, lip gloss/stick,
doing make-overs, etc.  Most times intruders weren't welcome.  :)

Thursday, there were 6 kiddos at the farm.
Friday, there were 7 rascals running around.
Saturday, go up another number to 8 pipsqueaks making lots of noise.
And Sunday, let's top it off at 10 whippersnappers!

The farm will be much more quite tomorrow with only 3 boys.

Plus, I'm guessing Kacey {the new dog} and the cats will enjoy the break from all the kids.

What a fun and enjoyable and crazy break it was!

And I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!
{Well, maybe in a few days.}  

Hope you all had much fun with your family and friends.



Nicole said...

Oh that little tie onesie is so cute!

Marci said...

thanks for coming over to visit!
looks like a great holiday on your farm!!
those are some cute little ones.:D

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