Wrangling Round-Up

I have been kid wrangling since Friday afternoon. 

This is my longest gig to date. 
In the end, it will be more like 6 nights and 5 days.

This past Friday afternoon, the 3M kids and I headed to Huxley to another friends house. 
We hung with the 4A kids until Saturday afternoon. 
We played outside, played the Wii, watched a movie, headed to a picnic in Ames, took naps/rested, and I can't remember what else.

It was a successful full 24 hours with 7 kids.
Only a couple of arguments, lots of swapping of flip flops, 1 'accident', a quick trip to Dollar General to get some big band-aids for said 'accident', no one waking up during the night {well, no one woke me up at least}, took 7 kids to a picnic, everyone ate the food that was served, they ate all the food that was served, for about 2 hours everyone was napping/resting/quiet time {including me!}.

I know I couldn't do that with just any kids.  So all praise goes to those 7 kids....the 4A's and 3M's. 
They were fabulous. 

While out playing, I got some shots of the kids. 

{There is one kid missing.  #2A.  He was at a baseball game.}

As we started walking down the path, the kids just held hands.  I loved it! 

Picture worthy.

#1A.....I could NOT get a good picture of him.  This will have to do.
Let's just say he was so not a fan of pictures.

#1M....this is pre wipeout.  Yup.   She and #1A decided to race on the bikes as we were heading back.  Since she wasn't use to riding on the trail and the rock, she lost control on a curve and took a spill.  But, the wound is looking much better daily.

#2M.....He's a cowboy.  

#3M....A sweet gal, who had fun playing with babies and swapping flip flops!

 #3A......She just might be my favorite kid, if I had favorites.  She gets so excited when she sees me.  It's too fun!  She also had fun playing with babies and swapping flip flops!

#4A......He can't stop!  He's a funny little guy. 

I told the kids to 'strike a pose'.  This is what you get!

And, this is what you get when I share my camera with the kids.  :)

Up next.......my first go at making lasagna without boiling the noodles first. 


Lori said...

Your lasagna will turn out great. That's how I do it. And how Janel makes hers. Umm, same recipe I guess. Let me know how it turns out.

traci said...

they look like the are loving every minute of their time with you. you are the fun aunt huh? you will be exhausted when the all go home though.

heartland farmhouse said...

You are one COOL Auntie indeed!
Lasagna ~ I've never been brave enough to skip the noodle cookin' part either. I hear it's GOOD though!

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