At The Farm! Friday

Have you all had a great week?

Yesterday wrapped up 2 weeks of having high school students on campus for our Early Outreach Program.

The first week, there were about 45 juniors and seniors.
Second week, more in the range of 70 freshmen and sophomores.

Wow.  It was a busy, full, but fun 2 weeks!

So, I have decided to end the week with some photos from around the farm.

Or called....At The Farm! Friday.
{Updated...I hope to make At The Farm! Friday a weekly occurrence.  Therefore, the pictures might be from past visits to the farm.}  :) 

You can definitely tell that there have been grandkids on the farm. 
I don't think my dad and brother Adam play with water guns all that much anymore.  :)

A few fresh strawberries from the garden.
They are a little small this year, since mom had to relocate the strawberry bed.

Lastly, I decided to play along at the Kim Klassen Cafe, where she throws out photo challenges.
This week....people

I like people.  Especially 'little' people.  But even better with they are my niece or nephews!

The texture I used on this photo is 'Drop Cloth'.

I'm sorry sweet Carson, but I have to share this.  I just makes me smile and laugh when I see it.
He's just too cute!  :)

Well, what you can see of him that is.  :)

On schedule for this weekend......
-Kid wrangling 3 kids from Friday evening through late Wednesday night.
-Kid wrangling 4 kids from Friday evening through Saturday afternoon.
So yes, that means 7 kids at once.  :)  It's a good thing both sets of kids are fun to be around {in addition to well behaved}!
-Helping at the coffee bar at church before the 1st service.
-Being the lead in the infant room during the 2nd service.

It's going to be busy, but that seems to be normal for me.

Have a fabulous weekend!  And be sure to do something fun!


kimB said...

Adorable shot and great texture work!

traci said...

oh my goodness. that is a cute shot. i would smile too. i bet it's so fun having all the nieces and nephews around. makes the place more lively. have fun.

Mindy said...

cute shot! I'm going to the junk re-funkery (or whatever it's called) sale this weekend with Angie!!

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