Goin' Coastal!

Wow.  Where has the time gone?  I have no idea.  I can't believe that April is now here!

After my little work trip to Seattle, I had the joy of going to a country concert.  Best of all....it was FREE!!

{Thanks to listening to 92.5 KJJY, and guessing the correct title to the song of 'She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy!'}

The Goin' Coastal Tour showcased Uncle Kracker, Billy Currington, and Kenny Chesney. 

First up.....Uncle Kracker

I wasn't sure what to expect from U.K.  I have heard of him, but couldn't place any of his music.  But once I heard his music, it all came together.  He has some great songs! 
{But don't ask me to name any of them.....I am awful at that!}

Then next on stage...Billy Currington.

Yes, he did very well as well.  Worked the stage a little more than U.K.

Then there was another intermission to reset the stage and everything.

Finally....the main star of the night.

Near the end of the night, Kenny had some company on stage.

First out, Uncle Kracker.  And whatever song it was, it rocked!  Yet again, I am awful with song names.

But man....if country music can rock, they sure rocked it!

And then the song that won my way to the concert.

{Hmm.  What's with the green background?  I kinda like red!}

Eventually, I will get to posting about my Seattle trip.  I had a great time....especially at the Seabold Vintage Market.  I'd love to go back again, but would definitely do things differently.

Enjoy your Friday!


traci said...

nothing like a good night of music. all great acts. i've met billy. actually he sat in my car...front seat and all while his dog paco was in the back. i took him running nice guy. i think he thought my daughter was cute - until i told him how old or young she was. glad you had fun. you got some great shots with your camera.

Lori said...

Good job with the pictures! Looks like a fun night.

Mindy said...

Grrreat pictures!! They turned out so well! What an fun night of music. There's nothin' like a live concert!

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh those are great. love kenny chesney! can't wait to hear about seattle.

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