Photo Tips Needed - Concert

Way back in January {actually MLK day, because I wasn't at work and was kid wrangling}, the country station that I listen to {92.5 KJJY} was having a contest to win Kenney Chesney concert tickets.  Monday started in the 5th row, Tuesday 4th, etc...  Well, Monday's contest was to either identify the song that was sped up, or something of the sort.  I decided to call in because I knew the answer.  So I called...busy.  Hung up.  Called again...busy.  Hung up.  Called again...busy.  By this time, I arrived back at the house with one of the kids I was wrangling, since the other 2 had to go to school.  I debated whether to call once more, or not.  But I did.  ANSWER!  I was a little caught off guard about that part.  I was caller 10!  The guy asked me if I knew the answer, I said something like 'I sure hope so!', and got all the needed info from me, and said to speak up loud and clear once I am on air. 

So, a few minutes later {after the current song finished and a few commercials} it was finally my time to shine!  They did comment on my name, since the last name is a little unique.  But then we get to the reason I was on the line, to name the song.

The name of that song....She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy! 

 And this girl is a winner for 5th row tickets to see Kenny Chesney!  Wahoo!!!

{The last time I saw Kenny in concert was during my first year at Iowa State, during the George Strait Country Music Festival.  It had numerous artists, before they hit it big!  Such as....Kenny Chesney, JoDee Messina, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and George.  Now THAT was a concert!}

After waiting around for the phone call that my tickets were in {and wondering if the contest was a joke!}, I got the call I was waiting for.  But it was the Monday before I left for Seattle.  And I had to get to Des Moines.  That's at least 45 minutes away from where I live.  There was no getting there before I left.  So when I returned Tuesday morning {after my non-sleeping flights from the night before/morning of} I made my way to the radio station office to get my tickets.  The lady was a little surprised that the tickets were so great!  She too got excited at my 5th row seats.  So that was fun.

Anyway, I am taking my camera.  But would love some suggestions on how to take quality/decent photos.  This will be my first time using my camera in a concert setting. 

The camera is a Nikon D5000.  {Yes, I know I should know how to use this camera if I have it.  I am slowly learning.  I can't learn just by reading.  I need to read and actually attempt what I learn.}

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.  So send them my way!

Just in case you are wondering, this girl will be wearing her cowgirl boots to work, because I MUST wear them to the concert.  :)


traci said...

good for you. how exciting. gotta wear those boots. is there anything else?

i have never taken my good camera to a concert. i wish i could help you. i say just play with it constantly until he gets on stage. watch your shutter speed. don't want to let it get too low, then you will have lots of blur.

Angie said...

I have heard of some concerts that don't allow any cameras with removable lenses. You may want to check about your show beforehand. Have fun!!!

Lori said...

You are better off turning off the flash and shooting with the stage lighting. You will get some blur but hopefully you can keep shooting and get some good shots. On my Canon, I would (and have) shoot in the no flash range or on the 'sport' setting. Play with it when you get inside and see what you like best.

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