Snow? Where are you?

Well, after much of the midwest and other parts of the US have been shut down for a couple of days due to the recent 'blizzard'....I got to thinking.  Where is all the snow?  For some reason, I was expecting tons of snow!

However, that didn't seem to happen in the central Iowa area.  When I finally made {what was hoping for an adventurous} trek to work yesterday, I was disappointed.  I went my normal speed....which is 5 over the limit.  :)

Talking with mom yesterday morning and this morning, it confirmed my fear.  We had it easy.  Yesterday my brother got his truck stuck trying to get to the farm.  And it takes a lot to slow my brother down.  Thankfully, my nephew spent the night at the farm, so my brother didn't have to worry about carrying him to the highway, so dad could pick him up.  Once they got to the farm and chores and things done, they headed to Des Moines for a farm show.  According to the guys, we did have it easy.  Not nearly as much snow over here as they had just 1.5-2 hours away.

My sister just across the river in Illinois had about 18" of snow.  They had a nice 4 foot drift in their driveway.  No going to school, work, or daycare for any of them!

So, being one of a few people getting all excited about blizzard that blew threw, I'm disappointed. 

Actually, I am now ready for another round.  But hoping that we actually get some good snow accumulation....instead of just lots of blowing snow.

Sure, some might think I'm crazy.  But when you live in the Midwest, you might as well embrace what God gives us.  There's nothing that can be done to change it.  So instead of fighting it, join in on the fun!


traci said...

you have the right outlook. nothing you can do about it. i enjoyed being snowed in. we had some huge drifts in our farmyard. it was funny watching the dogs try to get around yesterday. they were having a ball playing on the piles.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

We didn't get the snow promised from the big nasty storm that hit Mo. and Ok, just ice. I'd rather have the snow....winter isn't over yet, hang on!

Mindy said...

I hear ya. But I do love seeing the snow piled alongside people's driveways. Bill's parents got 14". Oh how the boys would have fun tunneling in that!

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