Howdy Kitchen: Football Bites

Did you all have an enjoyable time watching the Super Bowl commercials?

It was actually a good game as well...if you were playing attention.  :)

Often times, in addition to the commercials, the thing people enjoy about the Super Bowl is all the food.

With a slight change in my game/commercial watching and eating plans, I stayed in town and 'joined' a different connection group for the night, instead of driving a couple towns away and go to mine.

About midafternoon, I figured it was time to make my snack. 

I had grand hopes and high expectations that these would be fabulous.

But, when you don't give yourself plenty of time to complete them....well, hopes and expectations need to be dropped {or reduced}.

Here's the original post for the balls/bites I made {thanks mom for the idea!}

So thinking scotcharoos and football....why not make football bites!

{NOTE:  It would have been great if I planned ahead before the return drive home from church/lunch, with a stop off at Dollar General.  Thinking they would surely have Special K, I went on the hunt.  Well, they did have Special K....with strawberries in it.  And no other cereal seemed like a good substitute.  So, I grabbed a box of the strawberry Special K.  At home, I slowly dumped all the cereal on the counter to pick out all the strawberry pieces.  Then I put it all back in the bowl, handful by handful.  The reason.....the dried strawberries sure do leave a nice, red, colorful mess!  I didn't want that mixed in with all the other goodness later.}

And here's the end result.

Yes, the 'laces' aren't all that grand.  But that's what you get when you use a toothpick, and try to put laces on almost 50 footballs.

Ok.  Who am I kidding.  I think I gave up at about 30 footballs.

Because of this, it confirmed for me that I need to invest in some quality piping bags, tips, and everything else.

I tried to use a dollar-bin-purchase-from-Target-metal-piping-tube....but that was even more of a mess.

In the end, everyone enjoyed them.  Their look...but most importantly their taste.


Mindy said...

Super cute! But I can't believe you don't have any piping bags and tips! Hobby Lobby will sometimes have the Wilton section on sale.
I made PW's jalapeno poppers. Yum!

Kim said...


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