Grandpa's 90th Birthday

Last Saturday night, some family gathered together to celebrate Grandpa's 90th birthday.

His birthday is actually on Christmas day.  And his name is Herald.  I don't know when I figured it out, but I did figure out why my grandpa is the only one I know with his name spelled Herald. 

In attendance:

Grandpa & Grandma...of course  :)

3 children and 2 spouses 

One of Grandpa's brothers

8 Grandkids & 6 spouses

18 Great Grandkids

2 Great Great Grandkids

1 Nephew & wife

Total number in all:  44

That's a LOT! of people in one house! 

I tried to take more pictures of people.  However, the younger kids called me 'camera lady', and ran whenever they saw me.  It was actually a fun game for a little while.  But, the pictures weren't the greatest because of it.  :) 

Now how about a picture of  G&G with the younger great & great great grandkids.

It was a bit chaotic to get everyone looking in the same direction, to keep everyone in the picture and not crawling away, but I think this next one is the best at that.  A couple of the little ones aren't looking....and one is hiding.  But that's what you get.

My sister wanted this picture.

Jacquelyn (my niece), Mom, Grandma (aka Great Grams), Andrea

We also tried to get one of the babes. 

Carson was almost too old for this picture.  He didn't want to just sit there. 

It was great to have almost everyone there to celebrate such a milestone birthday.  Due to Gina and Jay traveling in England, they weren't able to Skype for this birthday party.  :( 

The next time we will all get together will hopefully be the Christmas in July party!

And now we are done!


Mom said...

Let me out of here! What a gang.

Kim said...

I love gatherings like these!!!

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