Europe 2010 - Days 3 & 4

Before we all turned in for the first night in Germany...technically day 2....Gina informed us that we would be participating in a Turkey Trot on base the next morning.  WHAT?

So bright and early Saturday morning, we were all up early, ready to head to the base. 
Thanks to my sister lending me some shoes and sweats, I was ready for the trot.

It seems like a pretty nice morning for a little trot.  It was cool, but not freezing cold.  Plus, there really wasn't any snow on the ground.  So that made it a little nicer.

Once we returned back to their apartment, it was time to get our bake on!

Here are the things I made.  A pumpkin poke cake.  It's DELICiOUS!  I will update later once I find the recipe again.

That cake was for a Thanksgiving meal that a bunch of teachers were having at her school. 

This cake was for the little gathering of friends Gina had after the meal, at their place.  Since she wasn't sure on food, and there was extra pumpkin left over from the previous cake, I made another pumpkin cake.  :)

We ended up not eating it that night.  Instead, it became more of a breakfast item throughout the week.  :)

Speaking of breakfast, this is what we enjoyed on Sunday morning.  I'm not sure if it lasted after that or not. 

How can you NOT love monkey bread??

{If you notice the pottery the bundt pumpkin cake and monkey bread are on...those are from Gina's trips to Poland.  She has some awesome pottery!}

Around 1pm or so on Sunday afternoon, we got the rental car all loaded up, and got ready to leave.

But while loading up the car and getting everything arranged, I decided to take a couple of pictures of the street Gina and Jay live on.

Do you notice that black car in the bottom of the picture?

{UPDATED!!: Notice the 'pretty blue car infront of the black car!!!'?  That's my 'little' sister's car, that she LOVES driving around.  If she could, she would definitely bring that car back with her to the states when they return.  And, I might be just a little bit sarcastic about that.  :) }

Yes, that car.  That's what we cruised around Europe in.  It was kind of fun!!

And here it is, all loaded up and ready to drive us around.  Who knew how little room a station wagon had.  Unless if it is just it being a European car.

{Hi mom!....you can kind of see her face behind all the luggage.

First stop after we took off....Dachau.


Jay and Gina said...

You didn't mention anything about the pretty blue car infront of the black car!!!

Jay and Gina said...

MUCH BETTER!! Thanks sista! And really.... I would give the car away to the first taker if I didn't need it!!

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