More on Brown Paper Packages...

A few years ago, I believe I got the idea from Martha Stewart to wrap my gifts in brown or white paper, and then finish it off with ribbon {which can be reused}.  I do have both on hand, but am running low on white.  I am pretty sure that I purchased both the white and brown paper from Hobby Lobby, but I have seen some at Target as well.  The paper I have has some texture to it.  It is not the stuff that you can get from the packaging/mail aisle in stores.  That paper is a little more difficult to work with.

I picked up the ribbon from Hobby Lobby half price, and used a 40% off coupon for the string.  I intend to reuse everything but the paper itself.  {However, there are some pieces I could have saved.  But decided not too.}  I got the reusuable tag idea from Angie {and love the tags she found....someday, maybe next year, I'll switch to that idea}.  I got the tags from HobLob at half price, of course!  I wouldn't have gotten them if they weren't.  I didn't think paying $1 for 12 tags was too bad.  :)

Since I want to reuse the tags, I used a sharpie pen to write the names on them.  That way they should hopefully last from year to year.

To take this idea further, I like to wrap birthday presents in the brown or white paper as well.  But add fun ribbon, colored twine, or decorative tape instead.  If you want to get real creative, you could make a 'ribbon' of balloons (that haven't been blown up yet).

Go check out this photo for some other ideas.  It's a flickr photo, but I can't post it to my blog...copyrighted.  Shoot, just google or flickr 'brown paper packages'.  You will surely get inspired!

Ok.  I quit.  Just head over to MS's Gift-Wrapping Ideas.  I couldn't find what I was looking for, but I'm sure you will find plenty of inspiration!

Now how will you tie up/decorate your brown paper packages?

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