Howdy Kitchen: Pumpkin Cake

On Monday, some friends gathered together at my place to have a little party for a friend.  I made chicken enchilada soup.....I love that stuff!  For dessert, it was requested to have pumpkin cake.  Specifically, the pumpkin cake recipe I left on my desk at work, and have no idea where I got it.  But, we still had pumpkin cake!

I did a little improv baking.  :) 

I found a spice cake mix in my pantry, grabbed a can of pumpkin, 3 eggs, and some water (would have used milk....but I didn't have much left and you just might want milk to go with the cake).

I followed the instructions on the box, but left out the oil.  Instead, I added the can of pumpkin.  I have no idea if it was too much or not, but I sure liked it.  It was very moist and delicious! 

For the frosting, I creamed together 1 stick (1/2 cup) of butter (yes, I used real butter) and 1 block (8oz) of cream cheese.  I then poured in some vanilla.  Once that is all mixed up nicely, I added 1 lb of powdered sugar.  And to top all that off, I added a couple few shakes of cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

I made the cake in a bundt pan, due to convenience.  Because it was still a little warm when I poured the frosting on, I do believe that it soaked in to the cake a little bit.  In the end, there was plenty of frosting.  (So what I did above could even be cut in half again.)  But having the extra frosting was nice, since we all added it to the side of the cake, so there was icing in every bite!

Since I had some leftover after the Supper Club party gathering, I took it with me to Bible study on Tuesday night.  But this time, the hostess had Schwans pumpkin caramel praline something like that ice cream.  It was a GREAT addition to the cake.  YUM!  I think that cinnamon ice cream would also be great with this.  However, I'll have to make the cake again to find out, since I took the last piece last night.  :)

And of course, I wanted to get a picture....but forgot!

But if you are looking for a cake that is very simple, yet very delicious, this is the go to cake.    The best part, people will think that is made from scratch.  Or they will compliment the cake like it is.  Oops!  If only they knew how simple it was to make.  :)

Now get to baking!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

They will love it because it was AH.MAZE.ING! SO, SO GOOOOOOOD!
Thanks for hosting a party for me, friend!!!

Have a great trip!

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