Diaper Clutches

Thanks to the handy sewing skills of my mom,
she helped me complete these two diaper clutches.

Also, after making about 5 or so other diaper clutches, I finally came up with a pattern!

And I also stream-lined the ease of how I assemble them.

Now if only I had my own sewing machine and Serger at my place. 

Then I could make these whenever I want.  But, it's always helpful to have mom there.

For the first one, because it's for a girl, I wanted to add a ruffle.

Thanks to mom, I now know how to do that for next time.  :)

If you look closely, you might notice a little polka dot tab on the top corner.  That is just a little loop, to slip over a wrist/fingers, or hang from a stroller.

Now for Jack's clutch.

Since I can't add a ruffle, how about a 'J' instead?

I like it!

Even though I had a patter for this one, made from the previous one, I still ended up tweaking this one a little.
That also caused me to change my patter a little.  But, I like it.

Now the question is, would anyone want to buy something like this?

I have had some people tell me I should sell them.  But would it be worth it?  I'd have to hire mom to help out, because that would just be easier. 

So if you would like to place an order, let me know. 

I get the fabric from a local quilt shop.  Let me tell you, I could have too much fun in there!  :)

And now the final two products.

If you look closely, you will notice Jack's is a little more narrow than Ruby's.

That was the change in my pattern.  :)


Jessica said...

Yes! Sell them, sell them, sell them!

I told my mom about my idea about you working with Mona. She said, "Well, they're not that far from each other. ...if she was at her parent's." HMMMM....


Angie said...

Yes you should sell them. And yes, I'd like to buy one. They are so cute. I need a boy version...first name Cole. Maybe I should ask how much they cost first. And could you teach me how to make them once my addition/remodel is over?

Lori said...

Those are very cute. Even Grandmas could use them! Instead of sticking diapers or panties in our purses. They don't have to be only for diapers. :)

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