Hair Flowers - Tutorial

This past weekend while at the farm, I threw together some hair flowers for my niece.  For some reason, she likes to take any and all things out of her hair and just wear it down...which is then always in her face.  So while out shopping with my sister, her mom, I came up with the idea to make these for her birthday.

I picked up ALL the items at Hobby Lobby...ALL half price.  Love it!  Keep in mind, the gerber daisies came on a long stem.  I pulled them off the stem, and even trimmed the piece that held them to the stem.

I went to the aisle that has the jewelry making items, as well as hair accessories. I picked up a bag of these.  I used only 5, and have most of the bag left.  I'm sure I will use them for gifts or something.

Next, I took some brown ribbon and hot glued it to the clip.  The ribbon starts on the inside top and continues around the outside of the clip, ending on the inside bottom.  It just worked better that way for the glue.

Once I glued ribbon to the 5 clips, I decided to pull the flowers apart and give them some glue too.  These gerber daisies were very easy to pull apart, as well as put back together.  Since I wasn't sure how they would hold up with some wear and tear, I decided to do the glue thing.  I even glued the green part to the bottom of each flower.  At first I was going to leave it off, but it helped the petals keep their shape and not get too droopy.

After I got all the flowers glued and put back together, I then glued the clip to each flower.  I put a nice thick line of glue on the top part of the clip, then flipped it over and held it down on to the flower.  While doing this, the glue oozed out, so I had to hold the clip open so it wouldn't glue shut.

And here is what they should look like after the clip has been attached.

If everything is glued well, you should be able to then open the clip without any problems or anything slipping.

The final product.  Yes, her hair looks a little messy, that's because she was playing, and I made her stop so I could get a picture.  :)

Costs:  (all half price)

Flower - $1.50
Bag of clips - $2.00 (I think)
Ribbon - $1.00 for the roll
Glue - free!  used mom's stash of glue  :)

I could have picked up hair flowers very similar to this, for at least $5 each.  But I didn't.  Plus, the color selection was slim to nothing fun at all.  By making my own, I was able to pick out some colors that I know will match my niece's wardrobe.

Have fun making these yourself.  Or, if you want, I'll whip some up for you....but it will cost.  Really, I think it took me less than 15 minutes to make all 5 of them.  Easy!

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