Gnome Sweet Gnome

This past Saturday, I met a friend and 3 of her kiddos (husband and baby were back at the hotel for nap time) at Reiman Gardens.  The theme for the gardens this year are gnomes!  There are 24 little gnomes spread throughout the place.  But if you were with us, you would have heard them referred to as elves and dwarfs.  The kiddos couldn't remember gnomes.  It was cute.

The weather was gorgeous...and it actually got a little hot.  In the end, we did not find all 24 of the little gnomes.  The kiddos started getting hot and were wanting some water.  But we did find 20 gnomes, in addition to the world's largest gnome.

Here are a few pictures from the day...including the cute kiddos.

Our first stop of the day, the Butterfly Wing.

Next stop, the Conservatory.  In here there are tropical plants, flowers, a waterfall, and a display of 'trees' made from recycled bottls.  It was actually very neat.

In the Town and Country Garden, I really liked this little (ok...big) trellis.

I also like the use of old gates to dress up the garden beds.

And now for some of my favorite gnomes.

The World's Largest Gnome.  This fella stands 15 feet tall! 

At the end of our 'tour', we all headed back to hotel where my friend and her fam were staying.  I volunteered to watch her kids, so she and her husband could go on a date and enjoy Ames. 

For watching 4 kids (one of them being about 4 months old) in a hotel room, it was great.  Since they stayed at the Holiday Inn, where kids eat free, the 3 older kids and I ate supper in the Cardinal Cafe.  The little guy just hung out in his carseat until it was time for his bottle.

If you are in the Ames/Central Iowa area, be sure to check out Reiman Gardens.  Sadly, it does cost to get in...actually seems like a rip-off...but it was an enjoyable time.  Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time so you get your moneys worth.

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