Howdy Kitchen: Pantry Chaos

I did it!  I finally tackled my pantry!  It's still not the greatest...but it's a start.  With taking everything out and putting it back it, I definitely was able to take an inventory of what I have, and what I don't need to buy for awhile.

Here it is!
Yup...it got to the point where I would just throw boxes in on the side.  Awful!  I don't know when it happened.  But once it did, I didn't have much time to get it organized.

And now................ the finished product!!
Since I often shop at Aldi's, I see to accumulate boxes that I bring my groceries home in.  I decided to put them to use, by holding things that are alike.

Anybody want a cake?  Or how about some pumpkin bread?  Or just pumpkin anything?  (I stocked up on pumpkin after the shortage last fall....can't have that happen again!)
I also rearranged where I had some items located.  I tend to use the canned veggies often, so I might as well put them in front!
You might also notice how much wasted space I have between the shelves.  Well, I guess that is what you get with living in an apartment.  I'd love to add 2 more shelves in there...but I don't want to pay for it.  I'll have to see if the landlord would let me do it, but take the cost off my rent. 

If you have any other suggestions for organizing, I'd love them! 


Mindy said...

I've got some ideas, but it does involve containers of some sort- boxes, baskets or plastic containers. Or, possibly those photo boxes from hobby lobby that you can get cheap. Take your packets out of their boxes: pop tarts, dry soup mixes, etc. For chips: use plastic containers and dump them in or put the bags in them. Probably you should just come over sometime and see my insanse organizing.
But it's looking good, keep it up!
Oh, and eat some of that food! You have about double in your pantry what I keep in mine (though it's totally related to being a farmgirl, no doubt)

Mom said...

You got me in the mood to clean!
While Carson was sleeping, I cleaned out my pantry wall and all my drawers.
Now to get up into the attic and get out the summer clothes and clean up there.
Thanks for the "nudge."

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

They do tend to be catch-alls, don't they! I love Aldi's!!

Farmgirl Chaos said...

So Mindy....I think you are telling me I now have a use for my plethora of Tupperware. Good idea! I guess it's a good thing I'm heading to the farm for 4 days, I can bring it all back with me. And you are right about having too much food. Blame it on mom! She keeps a well stocked pantry...and so do I. Like mother, like daughter. :)

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