Green Food & Leprechauns

This week for Supper Club, we went with a Green Food & Leprechauns theme. It was rather fun.

While out on a school visit for work, I picked up some St. Patty's Day napkins for $1. I also had some green cups (from a big assortment of plastic cups) on hand. So with those 2 items, it confirmed the need for our green fun.

We had green chicken alfredo, lettuce, and green cresent rolls. I got the noodles green by adding the color to the water before I added the noodles. It took awhile for them to absorb the water and change colors...but it happened! I also colored the homemade alfredo sauce green. (In the end, I wish I would have added more color; I kind of forgot about it.) Lettuce...well, it's already green. For the cresent rolls, I suggest to my friend Amy to color the butter and then brush that on them. It worked great.

Here's what it looks like. I didn't take any pictures. So here's a picture of Amy's plate of food.

For dessert, I made a Grasshopper Fudge Cake by Betty Crocker. It was pretty tasty!

Here's Amy and I....enjoying our green food.

Yes, we might be a little early for St. Patrick's Day, but oh well. It was still a fun time.


traci said...

arent you the festive one. everything looks great. especially the cake!!

Kim said...

Looks like fun!!!

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