Craft It Up!

Who knew! I sure had no idea. But I'm excited for it!

I actually heard a radio ad about JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts (the '& Crafts' part is new to me). They mentioned it being National Craft Month, and listed a bunch of sales. Then when I got home this afternoon from work, I found an email that talked about taking the Craft Night pledge. You betcha I am doing this.

I will do my best to craft/create at least one night each week during the month of March.

I know it will be a struggle, since I don't usually have many open evenings.

Sunday: Connection Group
Monday: Supper Club
Tuesday: Truth Project
Wednesday: D6
Thursday: free - but usually end up kid wrangling
Friday: free - if not doing something with friends, usually end up kid wrangling
Saturday: Church

I have a few projects started...but I might as well get them finished.

Who wants to join me and take the Craft Night Pledge?


FEDERICA said...

What a beautiful blog!
Greetings from Italy,

Anonymous said...

Well, aren't you busy, busy, busy!
I can't create....my sewing machine broke. :(
Hope you can get one craft finished.

++MIRA++ said...

i'm having enough trouble finding time to cook everyday.lol.goodluck with the craft pledge

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