Oh My MissMatched Heart!

If you have a crazy thing for fun socks....like I do....then make your way over to LittleMissMatched and see what she has for you!
In addition, if you have kids...or know of kids who enjoy not matching...or maybe even for yourself, check out the outlet, since there are some fabulous sales!

There are lots of new products in the store, as well as some awesome sales to clear out the store to make room for some hopefully awesome new items. I just hope they come in soon!

Little MissMatched, thanks for making it okay to have fun missmatching your socks and clothes! It's a fun way to start out a work day when I put on a pair of missmatched socks.


Kim said...

I loooooooooooooove that place!!! when I was in a surgical boot for plantar faciitis I splurged & bought myself some & they are my favorites!!!

mira said...

I always wear mismatched socks for the hell of it, or because i cant find the other pair!

:) also, i have changed my website, i'm now at www.mirauncut.com


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