Snowing Wind!

Wait...snowing wind? Is that possible? Well, it sure seems like it today in Iowa. It's at the point that you don't know if it's snowing or if it's just the wind blowing. So I just came up with the term snowing wind. I hope you like it!

Here's a view from outside the office this morning.

On the way to the office this morning (after dropping off my belongings, which I'm so glad I did), it was quite the trek through the snow on the sidewalk. The sidewalk I was on hadn't been blowed yet, so it made for a good high-stepping adventure. Even with my boots on, it was a struggle.

Now here is one of our landmarks on campus.
It just kind of blends in with this nice Iowa weather. I'll have to get a picture of the Marston Water Tower on a nice day when the sky is true blue.

Hope you all are staying warm and safe. At the farm today, there is no water! What a bummer for the guys that get to go there to check what is wrong with the well. At least there is still heat in the house!

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SuzSpeaks said...

CRAZY weather!! Stay warm... thanks for visiting my blog this morning!

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