Me? Mary Poppins?

Yesterday after responding to a friend's email, I was called 'a real life Mary Poppins'. At first, I thought it was a little funny. But the more I thought about it, I thought of it as a great thing.

When I think back to the movie, Mary Poppins seemed like a pretty awesome lady. She came floating in with her umbrella and bag of goods. When I head to my kid wrangling jobs, I usually drive in with my umbrella (in my Trail Blazer) and my bag of goods (which contains my planner and pens, camera, books, magazines, etc for after the kid(s) go to bed).

Mary Poppins took the kids on some pretty fun adventures. I like to think that I have taken kids on fun adventures as well. And don't worry, the adventures will continue.

Mary Poppins was great about getting the kids to do things they might not enjoy, like cleaning up their room/the house and of course, taking medicine. I always try my best to get the kids to clean up their toys before bed, and I clean up the kitchen and any remaining messes after they are in bed.

As Mary Poppins left the Banks' home when she was satisfied with her work, I would like to think that the kids remember what she taught them, but best of all, enjoyed the different adventures she took them on. As I leave the different houses after my gigs, I hope that the kids remember my time with them and the fun we had. And yes, there are times where we might not have so much fun if there are any fits or arguing. But hopefully the fun outshines the not so fun times. I know that I sure enjoy my time with all the kiddos, otherwise I wouldn't be spending it with them.

Thanks to all the moms and dads out there that let me watch their kiddos and take them on many fun adventures.


Rachel said...

Nice! :)

traci said...

how very nice for moms and dads to have someone they can trust watch their little ones. quite a blessing. my daughter, who is 19, still babysits for 4 families. they love having her and she loves doing it.

Mandy said...

But mary just doesn't have the same ring as "coleigh". We'll stick with our "coleigh" for sure.

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