Winter Beauty

The past few days in Iowa, and quite likely the Midwest, we have been blanketed in some thick fog. This isn't your typical early morning fog. This is your stick around all morning, all afternoon, and all night fog. Yes, it might not be the most fun thing to drive it. But what it does to things outdoors is just lovely.

West side of Beardshear Hall on the Iowa State University campus.
North side of Enrollment Services Center (aka Alumni Hall), also on the ISU campus.
What is collected on the trees/branches/leaves/needles is something that only the fog can leave. The snow comes close, but not quite. So as much as fog is disliked, this is one reason to like it.
There is just something about seeing God's creations working together to bring beauty and peace to our busy and hectic lives.

I can't seem to get enough of it. But on my way to work this morning, I figured I should stop with the picture taking and get to work. Just too bad I'm not at the farm now so I can get some fun pictures of the barns, fence, cattle, etc. If the fog is still around this weekend, maybe I will get some then.

Enjoy the beauty that God gives us daily, even if it is the small things in life.


++MIRA++ said...

the trees look amazing!

Mom said...

The farm trees are gorgeous too. The evergreens are really sagging though so hope they don't break. It loooked like it was snowing today when the wind decided to blow some of the ice off the trees.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hello, and thank you for your kind thought over at "Not quite June Cleaver" giveaway, that was so sweet of you to offer to give me the book if you won. I did win and am thrilled and happy to find your blog, it's adorable! I love the photos! You really need to join us over at MaryJanes Farm Connection, you'd love it! Thanks again, bloggers are the best! Sue

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