My Gosh...Did It Snow!

Since yesterday, we have LOTS of snow. Crazy. But to make things even more difficult, we have wind speeds of about 25-40 mph.

Believe it or not, ISU cancelled all classes today....and closed the offices!!! WAHOO!! How fun. In the past 5 years since I started my job, I believe there was maybe 1 day where classes were canceled, but offices were open. I did attempt to get there that day, but couldn't get there. My truck in 4-wheel drive was getting me and my carpool buddy around just fine. But when we got out to the highway to head to Ames, we were stopped by the cops. Too many cars were stuck in snow drifts, so they closed the road. Even though I tried, I couldn't get to work.

Today, I didn't even try. At 6am I checked the website...and everything is closed.

Well, I guess I should finally get to work in my craft room. That was to be my task for the day if I didn't have to go to work.

I hope everyone that is experiencing this snow storm is making the most of the day indoors! I can't wait to see what winter has for us, since it is still officially fall!

1 comment:

KAS said...

I can remember ISU closing once when I was in school - spring of 1998. It's fun to have a snow day every once in a while, even when you're not in school anymore. :)

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