I am thankful for my job...and to even have a job.

Yes, it is something that I often take for granted. But lately I have realized how blessed I am to have a job...especially one that I enjoy. I'll be the first to admit, there are sometimes bad days, but I would take many bad days over no job any day.

Being employed by a state university can have many great benefits. But, it can also have some side effects. Recently, our university had to try to cut almost 25 million dollars from its budget. The side effects of that cut for me....a reduction in my retirement plan, not as much in health benefits, and 4 days of unpaid leave. However, working for a federally-funded program, the university will not benefit from any of that money. Our funds can be used for our program only. The university is not allowed to touch any of that money. (However, once we spend money, they will get 8% of what we spend for 'housing' our program.)

I understand that the cuts were needed. But for a program like mine and many others, those cuts will not benefit the university. Because we are a grant program, we have to have a budget planned out 4 years in advance.

I say it's not fair that my program has to take the cuts too, even though the cuts won't benefit the university....and people across the hall are probably thinking had our program not taken these cuts, it's not fair that they have to and we don't.

But, nothing in this world is fair, and people can't expect everything to be (that includes me as well). Plus, I'd much rather have these little changes at the university instead of many people being laid off. Just too bad the state unions don't see it that way. Jeesh. I won't even get started on that.

I look forward to spending more great years in the TRiO community...budget cuts or not.

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